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decaffeinated [May. 9th, 2007|12:39 am]
[mood |irritatedirritated]
[music |Farmers Market, Carla Kihlstedt, Charming Hostess, Unexpect, Porcupine Tree]

all my designs simplified
to all of my plans compromised
to all of my dreams sacrificed

caffeine free is the way for me....... though not entirely willingly. at least i've managed to stay smoke-free for the past three weeks (woot).

i'm just really hoping that i passed that physical. if i pass the physical, then i start working for the City of Lancaster at the end of the month, making nearly $3k a month. that's close to $36k a year - !!!. okay yeah, i'm not excited about that at all.


i just have to wait until next week is all, though. it takes about a week to get the results of the drug screen back, so naturally i can't know until the city knows, which they won't until those results come back. hopefully i'll hear back by friday, but i'm not expecting anything before monday. i do have to call the doctor's office where they sent me though in a coupla days to see if the hospital sent over my tb test results yet from last summer..... since it was less than a year ago, i just need to get them proof of my negative result, since having a second test before a year can result in a false positive, and once you have one positive result (false or not), you have to have x-rays from then on to prove negativity - make sense? lol. anywhoosha.

besides. i'm soooo done with magic right now... fucking they're dicking me over!!! get this... Shondra missed a few days of work because of her foot, what with doctor's appointments and everything, and so when she came back, Janice had her scheduled only weekends. i asked Shondra about it one time, thinking "well maybe she requested that to make it easier to schedule appointments" - nope. didn't request it; didn't know why it was like that. then i miss a few days of work because i had bronchitis and couldn't breathe - and the exact same thing. i'm taken off the schedule during the week. (tell me that doesn't sound like retaliation?) official reason? budget. of course what they do to make up for it is pull Amanda down from Safety (who has her own work to do, of course), and then on top of it give hours that i could have to a guard. i'm sorry her mom's on strike. i'm sorry she has to help out with the mortgage. i'm sorry she needs extra money right now... she's not the only one. and to get that extra money by taking it away from someone else who a)should have first crack at it because it's in base, and they actually work in base, and b)needs it just as much (and has a second mouth to feed, no less) is fucked up. here's the fundamental difference between me and that particular person.... she can get a second job. she has flexibility in the hours she can work. i can't. i don't. until i know for a fact otherwise i have to assume i've got this job with the city, which means i can't have another job because i won't have a set schedule, and i'm limited currently in what hours i can work because of child care.

AAARGH i'm so pissed off. i'm so done with that fucking place. grawh.

so fucking hope i passed that physical.

[User Picture]From: rockstar_lestat
2007-05-09 08:06 am (UTC)
well at least when you get your new job, you can go and shit on your managers desk or something fun like that... keep me informed!
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