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vd [Feb. 14th, 2008|07:25 pm]
[mood |depresseddepressed]
[music |La Phaze, Charming Hostess, Thursday, Sister Machine Gun, June]

as in Valentine's Day, you sick freaks. though i imagine this holiday leads to many, many cases of the other.

yep, it's official. i'm alone tonight. and i don't even have anything to drink to distract me from that fact. meh.

oh, about that whole "crush" thing in the last blog... yeah that was just the wine talking. don't get me wrong, i mean shit he's hot, but yeah. i think i forgot about my whole little "micro-crush" as soon as i passed out that night, lol.

anyfuckertards. (there's a new one for ya...)

i own far far far far far too many cds. and i will never have enough. i've gotten like 30 new ones delivered to me over the past week or so, and i'm still waiting on about 15 more. at least my French import came today, yessss... gonna pop it in right now, rip it, and listen. fucking fantabulous. i still can't believe i spent $30 on it - on one cd - but it was worth it. even if just for the song "Rude Boy".

that all being said... i am now more broke than ever. i'm going to have to borrow from my parents just to make my car payment this month, possibly my insurance as well... and i won't be able to come even CLOSE to breaking even until i get the first of my tax refunds. oh yeah, did i mention i'm gonna be broke from now on too, until i either a) pay off a loan - fat chance - b) get a huge raise - even fatter chance - c) get a new job (yeah right) or d) win the lottery... quite possibly the most likely scenario of all, bleh. with what i make right now in take-home, after day care and my bills are paid each month, i'll have around $750 left. that $750 is for everything i need too: formula, diapers, training pants, new clothes for David as he grows, toiletries, Kaiser/drug copays, food for Moraevia and for me, gas for my car... for the entire month. that's an average of $187.50 a week to do all of that. gas alone costs me around $50-60/week.

fucking sucks asshairs.

sometime in the near future i'm going to sit down and create an updated list of all the cds i own. i'll post it online for those who care... and you asstards can fall down and realize that your musical taste is pathetic.

David's crying.

[User Picture]From: themusicgod1
2008-02-15 12:13 pm (UTC)
What the fuck, is today "let's all be in the same damn sinking boat" day?
I guess so; valintines and all...

I just came back from the convenience store; I can't even get a jug of milk on my credit card anymore(insufficient funds/whatever). That being said, if we're both really broke, why not use the time to start up a ripple account? Why not? (reply to this with your email address and I'll send you an invite).

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